Veronica Cruz/ July 29, 2017/ PROFESSIONAL NEGLIGENCE

Every profession must adhere to some standard and rules. It is important that people are responsible for their work and their work displays their sincerity. There are times when every individual has faced a fraud. Both minor and major incidents are proof of individuals making mistakes in trusting people who were not worth it. Before your blood starts to boil, you should also consider the times when that situation is caused because of some misunderstanding, miscommunication or accident. These are the basis of all professional negligence claims.

What is professional negligence?

It is a breach of the duty of care between professionals and a client. The statement is simple and vague unless you have knowledge about the standard of care. Every profession has a common law arrangement between the customer and the professional. This is called the duty of care. Every well reputed and successful professional make sure that they follow these steps. A common form of professional negligence is medical negligence by doctors or any other medical professional. In any of these cases, you consult your solicitor to verify whether there has been any breach. If any action or deed of the professional or lack thereof, leads to any form of harm to a client, he/she is liable to sue that person.