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Common Examples of Professional Negligence

Veronica Cruz/ January 2, 2018/ PROFESSIONAL NEGLIGENCE

There are many instances where professional negligence arises, only that most people do not acknowledge it as such. Professional negligence is basically the breach of duty between professionals and their clients. It is an action that leads to unwanted results due to negligence by the professionals involved. Here are 4 common examples of professional negligence:

  1. Wrong Advice on Retirement Relief

Most people seek the counsel of a professional when their retirement age approaches. This is done with the intention of ensuring fruitful and productive retirement life. In an instance where a person gets the wrong advice on retirement, bad decisions will be made eventually. This means that the person involved will end up living a life that he/she never stipulated. This amounts to professional negligence.

  1. Incorrect Formulation and Drawing of an Architectural Plan

The role of an architect is to formulate and draw plans in regards to the specifications provided by the respective client. Incorrect drawing of architectural plans is therefore an issue of professional negligence. The act can actually amount to serious implications especially during and after implementation.

  1. Poor Drafting of Contracts and Leases by Solicitors

Agreements have always been considered critical. They bring about a legal binding between two or more parties. It is therefore in the interest of solicitors to draft agreements and leases professionally without leaving loopholes. Poor drafting of agreements and leases amounts to professional negligence.

  1. Overvaluation of Property by Surveyors

From a professional perspective, it is the duty of a surveyor to professionally evaluate the value of property in readiness for sale or otherwise. Surveyors have the obligation of being honest and accurate in property valuation. In an instance where wrong valuation of property is done, professional negligence arises.

In essence, professional practices must not be subject to negligence whatsoever. Professional negligence can lead to serious implications including lawsuit and jail term.  We hope that this information has been helpful in guiding you on whether you may have a case to claim for professional negligence with regards to any services you have received in recent years.

Solicitors in Shrewsbury for Legal Action

Veronica Cruz/ January 2, 2018/ Solicitors

Solicitors are very important in any legal case. If you have a good and efficient solicitor, weak cases can also be dealt with effectively, and punishment and penalties can be reduced to a greater extent. Likewise, if you fail to get the services of a good lawyer, you may face the possibility that you won’t get as much benefit as you should in spite of the strong case.

So, it is highly recommended that you take on the services of Solicitors in Shrewsbury who have huge experience and practical knowledge so that your side should be presented expertly and efficiently in the court and you can obtain the best possible result given the legal implications at play. Often, choosing the right legal support is a major determining factor in your chances of a favourable outcome.

Choosing on the best solicitors
There are several ambitious and modern solicitors around who are known for offering their dedicated services. One more option for taking on legal services is legal firms. Individual solicitors can help people in particular types of cases because one person cannot be a specialist in all fields while legal firms can help people with different sorts of cases.

The reason for this is that legal firms have teams of more than one solicitor, so their field of specialisation is spread. Thus, they are able to deal effectively with many different sorts of cases. So when you take on the support of any legal firm, you can easily get support and advice regarding other types of legal cases if you need to any time in future. Going through all this process, they communicate very clearly so that their clients do not feel like they have been kept in the dark.

These legal firms, through following the fair policies for a very long time, have succeeded to maintain a good image which they want to maintain at all cost. There are various options to find a team of Solicitors in Shrewsbury who are really good and these legal firms are known for being able to offer the best quality legal advice in the area. They are known for doing exactly what they say and giving you expert legal services at all times.